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Los Angeles still a top market for real estate investors


If you are on the lookout for a sure-fire investment that just keeps on giving, then real estate is a guaranteed win with low risks. Where to start, you may ask. You can check out the vigorous Los Angeles market as this location is a virtual investors’ playground that offers huge returns. Especially promising are these neighborhoods with great property for sale – Santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Rey, and Mar Vista.

What is causing the investment boom around Los Angeles?

Huge economic advancements in the area have led to a barrage of investments in commercial real estate around the City of Angels. In fact, these phenomenal movements in the Los Angeles economic sphere are what brought the city to its stature as #1 in all of America for property investments. This was reflected in the CBRE Group’s Investor Intention Survey for the fourth consecutive year.

The most compelling reason behind LA’s strong showing in commercial investments began in a place a little more than 380 miles away. The Bay Area is home to Silicon Valley where most major tech companies have set up their respective businesses. A commercial property glut there has led these businesses to head toward the Los Angeles area. With this came the onslaught of people from these companies wanting to live near their new LA workplaces, thus causing a severe shortage of homes.

Moreover, established tech companies from the Bay Area have chosen the City of Angels as the next best spot for expanding their operations. They have been snagging plenty of prime office spaces here to accommodate their business growth.

Add to this rosy economic picture the strong attraction of Los Angeles to many of the country’s biotech firms, the Long Island and LA shipping ports that are capturing investor attention, and the LA section of the highly lucrative Inland Empire that’s putting industrial properties to the fore. Then you’ve got nothing but growth that extends to the commercial real estate landscape.

What that means for investors in the future

While the CBRE survey reveals how the commercial real estate market in Los Angeles is still in for even more growth, sooner or later market activity will slow down and correct itself. And when it does, investors should make Los Angeles properties a crucial segment in their financial portfolio. There is simply no denying the economic bull run on this side of Southern California that extends beyond the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.

Investing wisely

In seeking commercial property for sale here, you may be fazed by the high price tags. Nevertheless, these also hold the promise of a huge profit margin. Instead of going for broke and making a single multi-million property purchase, you can start small by purchasing a number of lots. You can also opt to buy larger buildings then rent these out to businesses or families moving to the area. Diversifying your portfolio is a great way of ensuring you never put too much at risk.

Once property values have risen in the specific area you invested in, sell and see your profit grow.

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