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Waterfront living: benefits and downsides


Beachfront somewhere in California

Many are allured by the idea of living next to bodies of water. This is why waterfront homes are considered prime properties. But before buying one, it helps to look beyond their captivating appeal and carefully weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of owning a waterfront home. That way, you can decide if waking up to the gentle lapping of water, as well as the thunderous crashing of waves outside your doorstep is what you really want.


  1. Amazing views
  2. Scenic ocean views and breathtaking sunsets are among the top reasons why waterfront homes are highly sought-after properties. Living here, you get to marvel at these natural spectacles on a daily basis. Research also states that beautiful scenery can decrease stress and increase mental stability.

  3. Recreational opportunities
  4. Living by the water gives you easy access to recreational opportunities. Whether you enjoy leisure activities like swimming and boating, or watersports like kayaking and windsurfing, you will not run out of things to do. Many oceanfront communities like Venice in Los Angeles even have several tourist attractions built near the water.

  5. High investment potential
  6. Prime locations and limited supply make waterfront homes more valuable than standard homes. Moreover, they are double their worth, resulting in highly profitable returns should you choose to sell. This makes them worthwhile investments in places like Los Angeles, where properties here enjoy continually-increasing values.

  7. Rental potential
  8. Aside from enjoying their status as prime properties, waterfront homes can also be rented out for additional income. This puts waterfront homeowners in popular seaside Los Angeles neighborhoods like Venice and Marina Del Rey in a good position to earn back their investment a lot faster.


  1. Less privacy
  2. One common misconception is that living by the water always means peace and quiet. While there is relatively less noise in these areas than in the city, there will still be the typical tourist hubbub that’s common in places like these. If you don’t mind seeing total strangers apart from your neighbors sharing your waterfront views, then you’ll be fine.

  3. Weather and environmental hazards
  4. Compared with standard homes, waterfront homes are more prone to damage from harsh weather and environmental hazards. To mitigate the risk, these have to be constructed with materials strong enough to endure rains, strong winds, and high humidity. Maintenance will naturally become more costly, too, so be sure you are prepared to deal with these before making an offer.

  5. More expensive insurance policies
  6. Being more at risk to natural hazards, waterfront homes have more complicated and expensive insurance policies than standard homes. Depending on your location, you may also be required to buy policies for floods, winds, and earthquakes. So before checking out waterfront homes for sale, ask your real estate agent about the insurance policies that may be required of you.

Is it worth it?

The answer to this question will depend on your priorities. It can be a beautiful place to call home or a lucrative investment to add to your portfolio. However, the costs of maintaining such a home that is thoroughly exposed 24/7 to the elements could be monumental. Properly weighing these factors, as well as your capacity for owning such prestigious property, will help you determine if it’s worth the investment or not.

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