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5 features that make a luxury home

Luxury bathroom

A luxury home has stellar bathrooms

If you are in the market for a luxury home, you will want to look out for some of the features that make it worthy to be called one. From dream bathrooms to the roomiest interiors, we have listed five key elements you need to look for when seeking a luxury property for sale in Santa Monica.

  1. Stellar bathrooms

    Think spa-level comfort, beautiful surfaces, and flawless design. If the bathroom of the home you are seeking has all these things and more, then chances are good you are looking at an essential luxury home feature. Saunas, TV screen mirrors, a separate tub, and shower are just some of the amenities you need to ask your Santa Monica real estate agent about. Some bathrooms might even be designed in a way that will allow for future enhancements.

  2. Great design

    Great design means many things to a lot of people. In luxury homes, it may mean blending the modern with the rustic. It may redefine how we view indoor-outdoor living. It may seamlessly incorporate smart home technology with cutting-edge environmental design elements. Marina Del Rey real estate, in particular, is filled with homes that are pushing the limits of modern design.

  3. Smart features

    Smart features are now given in many modern homes. Integrating your home’s features into systems is an essential aspect of luxury homes. Smart locking systems enable homeowners to control who goes in and out of their homes while they’re away. The Internet of Things allows kitchen appliances and gadgetry to “talk” to one another. Smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa are already a part of many properties in Marina Del Rey.

  4. Additional facilities

    Anything like an exercise room or a built-in library that is considered an “additional facility” in the home almost certainly qualifies it as a luxury property. Other features common in luxury homes are entertainment or game room, a cinema or theater, an outdoor lounging area, a wine room or temperature-controlled facilities to house a wine collection, a yoga room, and the like. Since luxury homes are typically built from the ground up, homeowners can add any feature or facility that will cater to their whims or interests. Car collectors can build showroom garages for their prized vehicles, for example. Or their own mini golf links. On a side note: pools are no longer a luxury feature they once were. A new study reveals that for luxury homebuyers, pools are no longer an amenity, but a necessity.

  5. Large closets

    Who doesn’t want a large walk-in closet in their master bedroom? Luxury homes are known for boasting large dressing rooms that are, at times, the size of a standard bedroom. As you walk through the property be sure to ask to see the closets of both the master bedroom and also the guest bedroom. More square footage undoubtedly means luxury and what better place to have that extra space than in your closet?

Now that you know some of the key features of a modern luxury home, you are ready to connect with a Santa Monica real estate agent specializing in some of the most desirable luxury properties in the area. For their expertise and in-depth knowledge, contact James Allan Properties today at 310.704.0007 to inquire about luxury properties near you.

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