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The best bars in L.A.


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The City of Angels is never second on any list of the best places to hang out in – and with good reason. That is why we have listed some of the best bars in L.A. Each place is better than the next, so bookmark this page the next time you visit SoCal. Here are our top picks.

  1. The Waterfront Venice
    205 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA

    Venice Beach continues to be a “must-see” location for people visiting Los Angeles. The famous beach has a rich history of art and culture and attracts thousands of visitors a year. The Waterfront Venice provides a good time by serving you with delicious food and exciting drinks by the beach. The location is relatively new but is fast becoming a place that locals and tourists alike agree is fantastic.

  2. Conservatory
    289 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA

    The Conservatory in West Hollywood boasts of ample patios, intimate cocktail lounges, and dining room bars. An eclectic mix of patrons makes it a fun place as well. The craft cocktails are a must and the great atmosphere you get on weekends is alive and well every day of the week. It’s not just a place to party, it’s also great for winding down at the end of a workday. This spot is hot for all the right reasons.

  3. Frolic Room
    6245 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

    Right in the heart of Hollywood sits Frolic Room, the legendary dive bar in Los Angeles. Once a speakeasy, it opened to the public in 1934 and became the site of noir-ish movies, a real-life murder mystery, and a spot for celebrities to duck in without notice. Expect cheap booze, an old-timey jukebox, and a cool place to down a drink before catching a show at the nearby Pantages Theater.

  4. Jumbo’s Clown Room
    5153 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

    While on the subject of dive bars, Jumbo’s Clown Room in Los Feliz is a great place to kick back and let loose. There is a stage with a pole and everyone is welcome to come up and dance. But don’t get the wrong idea – it’s not unsavory at all, just a bar that emphasizes a rollicking good time. If you are looking for cheap drinks, some boisterous fun, and a couple of charming views, this bar is for you.

  5. Tiki-Ti
    4427 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

    Last but certainly not least is another legendary spot. The Tiki-Ti in Los Feliz is the ultimate cocktail drink experience. The intricate menu, family-run atmosphere, and ceilings and walls overrun by placards signed and dated by regular customers hark back to its start in 1961. There is a spinning wheel with 85 tropical drinks for the indecisive fellow, and if it lands on the rum-loaded Uga Booga, people around you will chant the name of the drink.

    Los Angeles promises a good time no matter where you go, but the five bars listed above all have the extra “something” that will amp up your barhopping experience. Next time you make your way to the City of Angels, we hope you find yourself in one of these establishments. If you find yourself chanting “Uga Booga” on a busy Saturday night at Tiki-Ti, think of us.

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